Portraits Arndt Richter

Arndt Richter – Art worker

Living places: Wasserburg, Stuttgart, Rome, Cologne and Constance.

Vocations: Child, pupil, mechanic, gas station attendant, student, scientist, businessman, partner, father, friend, photographer, sculptor.

Since 2007 self-authorized art worker with accompanying a sculptor apprenticeship by Dolores Augustin, Constance and “Scuola di Scultura” – Peccia, Ticino.

Focus on three-dimensional works with the themes: Realities / Ontogenesis.

On September the 26th 2020 the exhibition with his final project will be shown in Cevio / Ticino in the “Scuola die Scultura” of Peccia. The final project is available as download.

Arndt Richter is a member of sculpture-network

Skulptur von Arndt Richter
Skulptur von Arndt Richter
Skulptur von Arndt Richter
Malerei von Arndt Richter