Hofeinfahrt mit Wohnterrasse direkt am Haus.
Cozy living terrace in narrow space.

Small, but oho!

A gradual implementation of the overall concept was planned for this garden from the very beginning.

First of all, the new courtyard entrance and a residential terrace were implemented. The height compensation was supported on the lower level with limestone blocks. The upper level with the wooden terrace was bordered with gabions, which serve at the same time as a seating bench. The picture is rounded off with a reduced but fragrant underplanting of close-growing roses and lavender. Small-crowned trees, solitary shrubs and, of course, the espalier hedge are among the selected highlights, which serve as a partition and additionally create a cozy garden atmosphere.

Design: Spring 2016
Start of construction: summer 2016

Höhenausgleich aus Kalksteinquadern. Sichtschutz aus Spaliergehölzen.
Height compensation made of natural stone and matching planting concept.
Spaliergehölze als Sichtschutz.
Espalier hedge as a natural partition.

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