Age-based landscape architecture

Enjoy your garden at any time of your life

According to the definition in the Duden, “age-appropriate” means on the one hand, according to a certain age and its requirements, and on the other hand, according to the needs of older people. In my work I have specialized in designing “age-appropriate landscape architecture”. It is important for me to take into account the current phase of life and its needs, but also to present the future phases of life and their corresponding wishes in variations. To design flexible and multi-functional garden elements, allows a cross-generational plan, which is sustainable and at the same time more economical.

The senior garden

My priority in planning is to combine functional, age-appropriate design elements such as raised beds, barrier-free paths or ramps, with the beauty of the site, and to create an aesthetic overall concept. In addition, the garden should be a place of recreation that invites to social exchange with family or friends, but also activates movement. Furthermore it must be easy to maintain: This can be achieved by reducing materials and plants, but also by technical support, such as automatic irrigation systems or the Auto-mower, which takes care of the lawn. Alternatively, a gardener can relieve you of work and give you your well-earned time to enjoy.

Lebensphasenhaus Tübingen

The family garden

It’s the place where you play and frolic, with friends or family. Needs, such as a manageable cooking in it’s own raised area, and an easy-care garden design have top priority, so that parents can enjoy their time with their children in the garden. Less is more – this also applies to the age-appropriate garden. It is jazzed up by selective highlights that are free of danger and contain enough play areas so that the whole family has a place to enjoy.

Gartengestaltung für die Familie

The single garden

Who wouldn’t like to jump into their own pool before work to start the day, knowing that this place invites to a cozy get-together with friends and family at the weekend? What could be nicer than to relax after a long day at work in its modern but easy-care oasis – preferably over a pleasant Aperol Sprizz – and let the day come to a relaxing end? This atmosphere can be underlined by a pleasant light design which harmoniously rounds off the evening mood. At a later date, however, it can also support your own sense of security or show your grandmother the way while visiting the grandchild. This and much more is possible – how would you like to switch off and enjoy your garden intergenerationally?

Grillabend im eigenen Garten

These examples should give you an idea of how varied and innovative one can deal with the topic of “age-appropriate garden design” and how useful it is to consider the next phases of life and your individual wishes right from your first garden. You can rely on me. Get involved in changes in good time; you can avoid stress and enjoy the time in your garden longer.