Landscape Architect

Vita …

The love for nature and design was given to me by my artistic family and has since then developed over the years. I have deepened this enthusiasm for landscape and architecture at international universities in England and Austria and further study stays in France and Ireland. Thus I have combined my studies of landscape architecture with my fable for languages.

After my graduation as a landscape architect (dipl.-Ing.) my professional career brought me back home. Here I gained further experience in renowned offices like Berchtold.Lenzin in Zurich and GARTEN-MOSER in Reutlingen.

The projects I worked on were of various dimensions and topics and dealt with urban planning issues, such as the development of an open space concept for a new master plan area, the preparation of building applications for housing projects, interdisciplinary realization competitions, up to the design and construction supervision of private gardens. Cooperation projects such as the “Lebensphasenhaus” in Tübingen, which deals with the topic of age-appropriate garden design and Smart Garden, as well as the organization of garden days with the topic of garden design in combination with sculpture and painting, expanded my experience and were part of my field of activity. With my admission to the Chamber of Architects (Baden-Württemberg) in 2016, the foundations for my independence were laid.


Landschaftsarchitektin Sarah Richter

Philosophy …

To be vivid. Gardens live from textures, structures, colors and shapes. Strong lines, romantic places and moods, enchanted or modern.

Garden and landscape architecture should enhance everyday life, form connections and show flexibility for what is there and what is to become. It offers variety and creates places where people come to rest, play, meet or become enchanted.

Impressive designs, such as the Jewish Museum in Berlin, a building that allows history to be experienced in the flesh, or the Igualada Cemetery in Spain, by architect Enric Miralles, who, despite the presence of death, catches the loved one, have led me into another world that makes me forget everything else. For me, these models are wonderful examples of successful architecture.

Places are telling stories and the important thing is to understand these stories and to tell them further…

Selected projects can be found under: Portfolio