Here I am!

STUDIO DIAGONAL: uno studio – un atelier – a workshop – a place for creative people – for creative ideas and a special design.

Through curiosity, openness, flexibility and the search for challenges, the principle of my work is to preserve what is tried and tested, but also to combine it with new things and develop it further. Inspiration is provided by the spontaneity of nature, urban development processes in small towns, the mega cities, or journeys in which ways of life and traditions are discovered beyond the borders between nations. Creative and research journeys broaden my “designer’s view”: At the Chelsea Flower Show, the largest garden exhibition in the world, I experienced how the English garden tradition is combined with modernity, at Art Cologne I was confronted with the diversity of the art scene, or at the Architecture Biennale in Venice, I experienced how the whole world is brought together in exhibitions and lectures.

My work connects people with nature and design. Both the theoretical and practical examination of art, architecture and landscape, as well as the inclusion of my clients, gives rise to individual and valuable ideas. Challenging and demanding projects lead me directly to you: In the process something new, something unique is created. This is all about nuances and the love of detail!