Art & Artificial

Art in garden culture is nothing new. Personal art objects are often integrated into the garden design, sculptures are even staged in a space-creating manner. Apart from the ecological advantages, it is also a current trend to transform wall greenery into natural paintings and to upgrade house facades or interiors. But what about artificial plants or artificial lawn – does that fit in with the nature of the garden?

Green Walls. Wandbegrünung. Landschaftsarchitektur in der Stadt.


In my opinion, art, whether sculpture or painting, complements garden art very well. Depending on taste, trendy, extroverted or even classically reduced elements can enhance a garden space and make it an accomplished highlight.

Malerei in der Gartengestaltung


I find it exciting how you can use the simplest of means to transform a space, whether private or public, into a positive place of well-being.

Kunst in der Landschaftsarchitektur.


I love plants, they are always at the center of my designs, but if they become a burden due to too much maintenance, innovative solutions are needed! The benefit that artistic elements can offer in an age-appropriate garden design is not insignificant.

Foto von Park Fiction, Hamburg